Colten's Classics

Colten's Classics

Hits of the 1950's -1990's

Thursday's 4:30PM - 6:30PM (EST)
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Active only during live show!


Do you remember when radio was radio? There were actual DJ’s on site, playing songs that listeners called and requested and spoke to actual people at the radio station! Well, welcome back to old time radio, with a twist. Colten Houser decided it was time to get radio back to the way it used to be. His motto, “You call, you say…we play!” And with that, Colten’s Classics was born.

Colten’s choice of music for the show? Radio hits of the 1950’s through the 1990’s, and he takes requests while doing the show “live”, something that’s not common in music radio these days.

The show debuted on March 5, 2020, just before the start of the Covid19 Pandemic in the United States, and quickly became a hit with the listeners. You won’t find this show on a local AM/FM radio station, it’s part of the flagship Internet radio station The stations owner, Mark Kuhns, stated, “There’s a real need for ‘live’ shows with actual DJ’s in the ‘air-chair’, that just aren’t available any longer. Almost all music stations, today, are fully automated, and there’s a computer running the entire show. So, this show fills the needed niche of radio from years gone by.” While the MarkoRadio uses computers to broadcast the shows, the computers are not programmed to run the show….they are operated by a live DJ.

A little over six months into Colten’s Classics, MarkoRadio added the ability to not only hear great music with a “live” interactive DJ, they added cameras to the station so you able to see what goes on during shows that are broadcast from the modern day studio, which can be viewed on

MarkoRadio’s Station Engineer, Ed Gould said, “There are way too many talk shows on AM/FM radio, and now they’ve worked their way to the Internet by recorded podcasts. MarkoRadio has managed to bring together programming for the ‘music-thirsty’ listeners and give them the opportunity not only to request song, they can also get a look into the studio and see that we’re doing it the old fashioned way, with traditional on-site Disc Jockeys. Yes, computers are being used, but no computer can or ever will replace good radio talent.”

For more information about Colten, you can visit the about page on this website.